MC Weekly Music Roundup: Week 15

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Sep/2019

MC Weekly Music Roundup: Week 15

Weekly Earworm – Week15 – 01/09/2019

Ramesh S Kannan

Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta turns out to be Minnale moment for Darbuka Siva and the album deserves the complete release instead of singles.

Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta: Darbuka Siva: Hey Nijame: The tracks starts with the soulful Manonmani's Sarangi and Bombay Jayashree mesmerize the listeners with her serene rendition. This is the most unconventional Bombay Jayashree - Gautham Menon soundtrack where the tune structure didn't adhere to any pattern and flows freely. Karky's simple and poetic lyrics ' Innum konjam Pakkam vandhaal Naan Solgiren Vaa Aruge followed by the pause while Manonmani steals the show amidst the buoyant Keba's guitar chords.


Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta: Darbuka Siva: Adadaa Naana: Adadaa Naana is another breezy pop melody backed by guitar-laden rhythm adorned with Maarten Visser's Sax solos consistently played throughout the song. Nakul Abhyankar ably delivers the song. Gautham Menon's soundtrack deserves to be consumed as a full album, not as singles. This staggering release is a missed opportunity for Darbuka Siva's popularity. Hopefully, the movie gets enough traction after release and subsequently make this album chartbuster.


Enai Nokki Paayum Thotta: Darbuka Siva: Thirudaadhe Thirudaadhe: Darbuka Siva plays brilliantly the 80's cool pop sound in Thirudaadhe Thirudaadhe with Jonita Gandhi taking the lead. Thamarai once again steals the show with the brilliant description of the couple's confused state especially the Kamalaalayam Kandhaano phrase.


Issakinte Idhihasam (Malayalam): Gopi Sundar: Nin Mandiram: Gopi Sundar conceived the joyous melody with the twist of comical Spanish guitar strings played along throughout the song. Sachinraj deserves credit for his pitch-perfect rendition.


Rakshasudu (Telugu): Ghibran: Chinni Chinni: Chini Chini equivalent of Kadhal Kadal dhaana from the Tamil is a lovely laid back melody where Sid Sriram does wonders with the rendition. Ghibran continues his exquisite layering especially loved the subdued Subramanyam's veenai in the background. The tune turns more beautiful around the Naa Gundello phrase. This song deserves multiple listen.


Pick of the week: Hey Nijame, Thirudaadhe Thirudaadhe, Adadaa Naana

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