MC Weekly Music Roundup: Week 12

PUBLISHED DATE : 05/Aug/2019

MC Weekly Music Roundup: Week 12

Weekly Earworm – Week12 – 04/08/2019 | Ramesh S Kannan

Chinmayi rules this week music with the two beautiful Telugu compositions.


Market Raja MBBS (Tamil): Simon K King: Kannale: Kannale gains immensely from the buoyant tune from the composer and equally gorgeous is the upbeat thrumming guitar backdrop by Godfray Manuel. Keshav Ram's mandolin is the wonderful addition while Sanah Moidutty and Yazin Nizar takes care of the vocals in pitch-perfect manner.

Kolambi (Malayalam): Ramesh Narayan: Aaraodum Parayuka:
TK Rajeev kumar returns to direction after 6 years and his movies always had consistent musical quality. The first single from Kolambi is a gorgeous guitar laden track sung by his daughter Madhushree Narayan and the gorgeous sweeping melody is a delight to listen. Rajesh Vaidya's Veena leads the interlude with his Veena interludes.


Comali (Tamil): HipHop Tamizha: Hi Sonna Podhum: Though Comali's trailer earns sufficient traction, Thanks to Rajini bit in the trailer, but Hip Hop Tamizha's score for the movie is consistently underwhelming. The processing in Pradeep Raghunathan's vocals makes him sound more like the composer himself and the only solace being the Arshad Khan's exquisite Esraj solos.


Evaru (Telugu): Sricharan Pakala: Ennenno: Sricharan Pakala of Goodachari fame conceived the thrilling soundscape for the single Ennenno and Chinmayi's husky vocals makes this one even much engaging listen with mystical undertone throughout the song. VNV's Ramesh Kumar's lyrics also carries that haunting mood effectually. 


Ranarangam (Telugu) :Sunny MR: Pilla Picture Perfect: The song has an uncanny Bollywood flavour nevertheless the peppy track is a catchy stuff from Sunny MR. Nikhita Gandhi owns the song with her rendition and it's pleasing to listen Sunny MR's composition in Telugu who showcased lot of promise in his earlier Telugu films.


Manmadhudu 2 (Telugu): Chaitan Bharadwaj: Nalona: Chaitan Bharadwaj is undeniably getting his groove brilliantly in Telugu. Nalona is the ample proof for that and the beautiful semi-classical tune is delivered aptly by Chinmayi. Composer packed the song with the delightful violin solos performed by Amalaraj.


Pick of the Week: Nalona, Ennenno, Aarodum Parayuka

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