MC Weekly Music Roundup: Week 9

PUBLISHED DATE : 15/Jul/2019

MC Weekly Music Roundup: Week 9

Weekly Earworm – Week 9 – 14/07/2019 | Ramesh S Kannan

Oorka band stuns with another rock song Onnumilla while Yuvan and Tanishq Bagchi delivers peppy party tracks this week. 


Nerkonda Paarvai (Tamil): Yuvan Shankar Raja: Kaalam:  Yuvan comes up with the peppy party song crooned by Alisha Thomas and Yunohoo. The composer could have avoided vocals processing of Alisha's nevertheless Yunohoo's rap portions and sleek soundscape along with the perky techno synth in the background makes this one an enjoyable. 

Aadai (Tamil): Oorka: Onnumilla: Oorka band reused another song from their first Rock album Oorka and this time they retained the lead singer Bharath Sankar. Once again the track features the kickass bass line from Pradeep Kumar while Jhanu Chanthar aces the screeching guitar solos. Bharath Sankar excels in both singing as well as with the mighty lyrics. 


Kadaram Kondaan (Tamil): Ghibran: Thaarame Thaarame: Though the first single from the movie is less impressive, Ghibran wins this melody with ample support from Sid Sriram despite the minor issues from the diction. Ghibran once again excels in the layered arrangements with the subdued violin solos and keys are employed in a splendid manner. 


Sixer (Tamil): Ghibran: Engavena Kochikinu : Sixer's first single is Ghibran's attempt to streamline his inner Imman template but apparently fails in it mainly because of Logan's irksome lyrics and tedious tune which doesn't get better. Sivakarthikeyan tries to prod the song with his singing but it doesn't help much while Bala's punchy trumpet solos are the only respite in this track.


Saaho (Tamil): Tanishq Bagchi: Kadhal Psycho: Tanishq conceived the peppy techno track for Saaho and Tamil version sound better mainly for Anirudh's singing. One wishes that processing in the vocals of Dhvani Bhanushali could have been avoided and her diction irks a lot especially with the lyrics goes as 'Paarthadhum vanangura madhiri'.    


Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo (Malayalam): Shaan Rahman: Illikoodinullil: Shaan Rahman always has the knack of creating delightful melodies and in Illikoodinullil the composer channelises his soundscape further in creating the old world melody which sounds more like a Bijibal composition. Sudeep Kumar and Merin Gregory vocals are a delight to listen.


Pick of the Week: Onnumilla, Thaarame Thaarame, Kadhal Psycho

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