Kamal Haasan's bold statement on 'Rape' issues

PUBLISHED DATE : 14/Jul/2019

Kamal Haasan's bold statement on 'Rape' issues

Kamal Haasan, who is far-famed for his outspoken statements, raised his voice on the ‘rape’ issues while interacting with contestants in Bigg Boss Season 3. In the previous week, a serious verbal conflict broke open between Madhumitha and Abhirami Venkatachalam, where the former commented on the skimpy costumes worn by some female contestants. She stated that rapes are happening only because of such dressing sense of women.


Kamal Haasan, who regularly appears during weekends for the interaction and elimination process took up the issue last night and slammed Madhumitha for her derogatory statement. He said,


“Dresses have nothing to do with rapes, if so, a newborn baby is naked. It is all about the psychological problems in the eyes of beholder. So I strongly condemn what Madhumitha told.”

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