Gorilla Movie Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 12/Jul/2019

Gorilla Movie Review

Gorilla Tamil Movie Review



Filmmaker Don Sandy picks up a premise of ‘Bank Heist’, which always manages to score special attention among the crowds. The earnest reason is that the characters’ intention in such film is obviously the same – to loot the currencies. But what actually keeps audiences engrossed is the narrative package. Over herein Gorilla, the makers’ wanted to present a heist film laced with fun and thrills. Does Gorilla tick all the necessary ingredients needed for a bank-heist drama?

Yes, the film excels with the hilarious aspects during the initial moments and it does extend till the end of first hour. Don Sandy doesn’t strain writing some exceptionally skilled acts of robbery, but makes a simple execution through dummy guns, bombs (with a small twist) and masks. However, the post-intermission sequences turn out to be a dull fare with unwanted inclusions. While the director could have easily executed the drama with the lead characters, the presence of Yogi Babu, Lollu Sabha Swaminathan and Naan Kadavul Rajendran serve no purpose to the plot. Incisively, there is nothing to blame on their performances for they have never missed to tickle our funny bones, when offered a substantial role, but things go wrong when they are included for namesake. The next biggest minus is the sudden unexpected transformation of a comedy heist-thriller into a socio-commercial zone. It is obvious that Tamil cinema has already witnessed unlimited arrival of movies based on agricultural crisis. Despite being a sensitive issue that instantly garners instant attention, it has now become a time-worn concept. Such movies doesn’t simply incline to the themes, but keeps delivering the stereotypical references of top tycoons looting away millions of money and flying abroad.


Jiiva has always entertained the crowds when he appears as a local neighborhood boy with hilarious appeal. Apparently, it works out well for him herein Gorilla. Vivek Prasanna owns a unique quality of delivering stellar performance in both serious and comical ones. Disappointingly, he doesn’t get a scope to perform, but manages to make us laugh in few places. The others in star-cast including Shalini Pandey, Yogi Babu, Satish and Radharavi are seen in flimsy characters. On the technical front, it’s just Sam CS’ BGM that works out to a certain extent.


Bottomline: Sparring the initial moments that encapsulates humour and emotions, the stereotyped premise and middling narration in second hour makes ‘Gorilla’ a mediocre fare.


Rating: 2.25/5

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