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The stereotyped premise and middling narration in second hour makes 'Gorilla' a mediocre fare

Yes, the film excels with the hilarious aspects during the initial moments and it does extend till the end of first hour. Don Sandy doesn't strain writing some exceptionally skilled acts of robbery, but makes a simple execution through dummy guns, bombs (with a small twist) and masks. However, the post-intermission sequences turn out to be a dull fare with unwanted inclusions. (more)

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Entertains But Fails To Push Boundaries Ahead!

Gorilla has good moments to offer but not without frequent hiccups. The film is entertaining but fails to push the boundaries further ahead. The social angle that the film has to say is pretty good and the team needs to be applauded for that.(more)

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Jiiva's film is an utterly pointless and tedious watch

Director Don Sandy's Gorilla is a lazily made film that takes the audience for granted. Do not expect any logic or quality comedy from Jiiva in his latest release.(more)

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Gorilla attempts at portraying a serious issue, but fails due to an incoherent screenplay

The lack of interesting and engaging factor in the storytelling is evident when we see the film cashing too much on adult comedy and the rehash of clich�s thrown at us throughout the narrative. Even in terms of form, the film is amateurishly staged, particularly during the bank robbery sequences, where one doesn't feel the risk factor at all. The chimpanzee's presence does not help the film either, except for a few crotch jokes. The storytelling lacked grip, interest factor that made Gorilla less engaging.(more)

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Kong the chimpanzee is fun to watch in Jiiva's illogical, ordinary heist film

The director forgets logic in favour of downright silly scenes replete with body shaming to raise the laughter quotient as top comedian Yogi Babu enters the scene. In a gag scene, the police asks Yogi Babu, who is not wearing a mask, to remove his mask as they think he is a gorilla. There are ample references to some of Tamil Nadu's politicians who have been a favourite with memelords. Towards the climax, the film takes a fresh turn and changes its focus from a heist film to a social one with its preachy take on the Tamil Nadu farmers' loans. This is the sixth Tamil film this year which has taken up the farmers' cause.(more)

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Jiiva's film is a silly heist comedy that's barely entertaining

Here's another Tamil film that has absolutely no scope for the heroine yet Shalini Pandey has been cast to play a character that appears in a few scenes and a song. Even Jiiva, who plays the hero, has very little to contribute but for few scenes where he's decent. Gorilla is mildly amusing at places, but the lack of effort in overall writing makes it a tedious watch. Yogi Babu is the film's big respite and he's terrific in the few scenes he appears.(more)

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It would be easy to dismiss Gorilla as a silly, far-fetched film, but the fact is that the film works.

As for the chimp, it only adds to the nuttiness (it even has a habit of hitting people in the nuts). Sure the film would have worked even without this character, which mainly is used for reaction shots, but right now, it's inclusion only adds to the film�s anything goes approach.(more)

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A Painfully Messy Heist Film Which Succeeds In Robbing Our Patience

Everything is messy, everything is shoddy and there's one too many gags involving the chimp punching or kicking or slapping a man's groin. Which is when you realise that the chimp itself is just an added accessory, a novelty that adds nothing to the film. There's something seriously amiss with a film when you look back at M. Rajesh's comedies and think that those were the good old days.(more)



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A heist story that disappoints when it takes itself too seriously

The laziness in the writing of Gorilla shows. Not only did director Don Sandy and team forget to weave an engaging screenplay over a one-liner that could have actually resulted in a comedy of errors, they also seem to have shown the least interest in perking up the bank sequences. Gorilla left us feeling a bit like we were caught in the cage that the animal was found in.(more)



A strange mish-mash of genres in this preachy dud

The biggest joke though has to be that they have cast a chimpanzee in a film that they call Gorilla. Say what you will though; there's no denying that it's a one-of-a-kind film. It's a heist film, it's a surreal comedy, there's a pet chimpanzee, there's preaching about social issues� I'd wager it will be a while before we see another filmmaker try to make sense of all of this in one film. I pray it takes a while.(more)



Illogical yet funny

All three lead actors have done a good job in keeping the jokes going and being aware of their tropes. The unruly chimp that follows along adds to the excitement, albeit without any impact on the story. Overall, Gorilla is a breezy break from the summer heat.(more)

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This Jiiva-starrer is so bad it's good

Gorilla is marred by an outdated plot and insipid writing. A senior police officer, played by Radha Ravi, grabs Yogi Babu's face and calls him "Gorilla". When will the makers realise body-shaming is also a form of abuse? It's unfortunate how 'jokes' are presented and perceived.(more)

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