MC Weekly Music Roundup: Nivas K Prasanna drops in two best songs from the album Devarattam this week

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Apr/2019

MC Weekly Music Roundup: Nivas K Prasanna drops in two best songs from the album Devarattam this week

Weekly Earworm – Week3 – 27/04/2019


Devarattam (Tamil): Nivas K Prasanna: Lesa Lesa 

After a string of rural punchy sounds in the soundtrack, Nivas delivers effortless easy to ear melody backed by Vikram Rozario's gentle Tabla rhythm and Balasai's flute solos. Chinmayi's pitch-perfect rendition makes this one an easily enjoyable track in the album.



Devarattam (Tamil): Nivas K Prasanna: Ulagam Unna Vittu:



The lovely Vijay Yesudas song from Devarattam reminds the listeners instantly to the Kadal's Chithirai Nila which may be due to the affecting Vijay Yesudas's vocals or the harmonies followed by the similarly tuned prelude. Muthaiah's choice of Nivas K Prasanna works magically for this soundtrack unlike the director's earlier soundtrack, especially the blend of the modish outlook for the rooted lyrics of Mohanranjan makes this one listenable till the end.


Thumbaa (Tamil):  Vivek Mervin: Jilebara:

Though Vivek Mervin's Jilebara doesn't match with the earlier single track by Anirudh, composer ensures that the tune is sprightly and Ku Karthik's gibberish lyrics helps this song afloat till it ends.


K13 (Tamil): Sam CS: Oru Saayangaalam

Sam CS goes completely techno dominated track for the psychological mystery thriller and of the three tracks Oru Saayangalam stands out especially for the wonderful listening experience created by the haunting soundscape. Though the grungy tune is similar to Iravukku Aayiram Kangal, the arrangements are top notch and riveting one from the composer.


7 (Telugu): Chaitan Bharadwaj: Sampaddhoy Nanne:

Chaitan Bharadwaj who shows lot of promise in RX 100 his debut movie, continues the quality track in 7. Sampaddhoy Nanne is a simple lovable melody wonderfully sung by Madhushree and it’s a delight to listen to her vocals after a long time. Chaitan kept the background filled with wonderful percussions and Naveen's flute is an additional bonus for the lovely track.

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