Avengers: End Game New Trailer & the poster that sparked Danai Gurira controversy!



The second official trailer of the 4th and final part of the Avengers series was released recently and the movie Avengers: End Game also had a new poster release that has created an unexpected controversy. 

Marvel went on to share a new poster prior to the release of the new trailer and in no time people noticed that Danai Gurira (Okoye from Black Panther) was the only person featured on the poster who did not receive above-the-title credits. Though Gurira’s name was at the bottom, the omission prompted outcry only to be fuelled by the fact that she was the only actress of colour to appear on the poster.

However Marvel was quick to block a prospective PR nightmare and released a new version of the poster with Gurira's name on the top.
The new trailer on the other hand shows Tony Stark (Iron Man) back on earth (as opposed to stranded in space in previous video)and the Avengers gathering their all against Thanos, who sent half the world into the Quantum Realm. Avengers: End game releases April 26, 2019.

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