'Thief-man-Seeman' trends after the director bashes Vijay & calls Simbu the next Superstar!


'Thief-man-Seeman' trends after the director bashes Vijay & calls Simbu the next Superstar!


"Vijay is an actor, who is capable of pulling out business from multi-crore investments. I feel proud that an actor who belongs to Tamil Nadu has risen to that A-list level." - It was only recently that actor, director cum activist, politician Seeman had said this about his ever favourite actor Vijay, whom Seeman has maintained over time is the first actor of Tamil lineage to make it big in Kollywood.

But there seems to be some sort of friction in this brotherhood for at a recent public addressal, Seeman went ahead and attacked Vijay for showing demurity when the AIADMK objected to certain scenes from Sarkar.

He also imitated Vijay's mannerisms from a popular video from over 5 years ago, where the actor was seen appealing to the then CM Jayalalitha requesting for an appointment to help the release of his film Thalaivaa (which was assumed to have been blocked by the AIADMK). 

And to top it off, Seeman called actor Simbu aka STR the next superstar of Tamil Nadu, a position he had so far maintained will be filled only by Vijay. While it remains unknown what made Seeman make this sudden flip, his degrading statements against Vijay have not gone down too well with the actor's fans and they had bashed the director using the hashtag #திருட்டுபயசீமான் which translates in English as 'Thief Man Seeman'.

Here's what Seeman said:

"There is my younger brother Vijay..If you have spoken in Sarkar movie, you should be able to tell firmly that yes I have spoken this and this. (fold his hands, puts down his head and imitates) I have too much of respect for Amma Jayalalitha. To meet the CM..Hey, are you really my younger brother? Is Edappadi Palaniswamy (Current CM of Tamil Nadu) even someone to be scared of? I had huge respect for you..but what have you done?

(fold his hands, puts down his head and imitates Vijay again) "I have asked for an appointment (time) to meet the CM. What time, useless time? He (Edappadi Palaniswamy) himself is a slave. a slave of (Narendra) Modi (Prime Minister of India). After 6 months, when he (Edappadi Palaniswamy) lets of hid post, even his neighbours wouldn't respect him. Why do you need to go and meet him?

In this he says 'Oru vi-ral puratchi' (the famous song from Vijay's last release Sarkar which translates as revolution through a single finger and was used in the context of bringing change through voting in India). What oru viral puratchi? He (Vijay) won't work in my films but whatever I speak (in real life), he will speak in his films.

What to do,he is my younger brother. After this, superstar of Tamil Nadu is my younger brother Silambarasan (Simbu/STR) only. I have decided to make three films with him (STR)." 

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