Ethir Neechal Review - Go For It

PUBLISHED DATE : 01/May/2013

Ethir Neechal Review - Go For It

Ethir Neechal Review - Go For It

by Raven

Ethir Neechal’ has been in the limelight for many reasons. Actor Dhanush has turned a producer with this film and Anirudh, who made an impressive debut with ‘3’, has carried on to enthrall more with his music. The movie is directed by R. S. Durai Senthilkumar, who was a former associate to director Vetrimaaran. Sivakarthikeyan, Priya Anand and Nandita have played the lead roles. Has the movie lived up to its hype? Read on.




Kunjidhapaadham (Sivakarthikeyan) falls in love with Geetha (Priya Anand), but he faces many problems in his life because of his weird name. Having changed his name to Harish, he manages to woo Geetha and make her fall for him. But, things don’t go smooth when she knows that he has not told her about his old name. To impress her again, Harish decides to scalp greater heights in his life and he decides to participate in the marathon race. He gets a trainer in the form of Valli (Nandita). Watch the movie to know what happens next.



Sivakarthikeyan has definitely come a long way from his initial days. He has tremendous screen presence in the movie and he has proved yet again that he can do a solo hero subject convincingly. Be it body language or dialogue delivery, he has performed with ease. He has also tried to perform difficult dance steps alongside Dhanush. Priya Anand as a school teacher looks very pretty. She suddenly disappears after the intermission and joins the hero during the climax.


Nandita has played an important role of a trainer and she fits into the role aptly. Her stubborn character has been interestingly sketched and well enacted by her. Sathish, who plays Sivakarthikyan’s friend, brings the roof down with his spontaneous one-liners. The rest of the supporting cast including Jayaprakash have supported the lead stars and they have made the film a wholesome entertainer. Watch out for the cameo performances by Dhanush, Nayantara, Anirudh and ‘Attakathi’ Ranjith.



Anirudh has proved that he is not a flash in the pan. Post the mesmerizing songs in ‘3’ and a soulful number in ‘David’, the young music director has come again with a handful of fresh songs. Also, the background score is romantic initially and pulsating when the movie gains seriousness. Velraj has done a very impressive work behind the camera. The colour tones in ‘Velicha Poove’ song are so aesthetic and he has also captured the marathon race brilliantly. It definitely would have taken him a lot of planning and execution to highlight the lead star among a huge crowd. Editing by Kishore TE needs a special mention. There are few interesting and seamless cuts that might make you wonder how the scene had changed.



Script and Direction - R. S. Durai Senthilkumar


  • The director has come up with an entertaining screenplay and he has skillfully used the cast to keep the movie engaging throughout.
  • The first half is a hilarious fun ride. The sequences involving Sivakarthikeyan and the little kid will definitely appeal to all age groups.
  • There is also a hidden message in the movie on how sports and games are ruled by money.



  • The reason behind the transition of the lead star from a happy-go-lucky guy to someone who wants to do big in his life looks abrupt.
  • The second half does lag at times, especially the scenes involving Valli and her father. It could have been done in a crispier manner.



‘Ethir Neechal’ has the right combination of commercial ingredients that will entertain you throughout the running length. There are more reasons for you to watch the movie than to skip it. Go for it!


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