Singam 2 Punch Dialogue - "Paanji Adicha..."?


Singam 2 Punch Dialogue - "Paanji Adicha..."?

Singam 2 Punch Dialogue - "Paanji Adicha..."?

Suriya's Singam 2 is gearing up for a late summer release. The promotions have started since last week with the official launch of Singam-2 website and contests to meet Suriya in person have been announced. 


Singam-2 Punch

Singam 2 starts where the first part left-off. It is reported that the story opens in Tuticorin and wraps up in South Africa. Recently, Suriya fans have been buzzing about a punch dialogue in the movie which has the recall value of the popular dialogue from first part of Singam. If the sources are to believed, this is how Durai Singham' may deliver the punch,


ஓங்கி அடிச்சா ஒன்றரை ton 

பாஞ்சி அடிச்சா பத்தரை ton weight-டா


It is believed that many variations of the punch dialogues have been canned. The decision will be made on the editing table regarding which one would make it through to the audience.


Any other punches apt for Singam-2?

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