Exclusive - Think Music Santhosh on the Meesaya Murukku 150+ Million Streams Celebration

PUBLISHED DATE : 18/Jan/2018

Exclusive - Think Music Santhosh on the Meesaya Murukku 150+ Million Streams Celebration


On December 31, 2017, music label Think Music wound off the year with the news of their album Meesaya Murukku (by Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi) topping the streaming numbers for any Tamil musical of the year. Their number of 150+ million streams was way higher than 100+ million for that year's most popular album Mersal by A.R. Rahman.

Earlier today, Think Music celebrated the milestone of Meesaya Murukku being the highest streamed Tamil album of 2017 by felicitating not only the composer Aadhi but all the 35 musicians who worked on the project. Talking about the event to MovieCrow, VP of Content acquisition at Think Music, Santhosh Kumar said :

"150+ was the number during December, the current number crosses 158+ million and we couldn't let go without honouring those responsible for this feat. During the days when CDs were still in circulation, the musicians who worked behind the scenes would get credited for their work. These days no one knows who they actually are. The idea of felicitating them too along with Aadhi stemmed from this."

"We have infact mailed two of the awards to musicians in Germany who couldn't be here", quips Santhosh. The talent head is also keen on continuing the practice as he feels that the "positivity" he got to see today is something his firm would want to bank on. "Starting 2018, even if Think Music's albums do not make it to the overall top cut, we have decided to honour the musicians every-year who end up on Think Music's top streamed productions", he adds.

Meesaya Murukku's collective streaming number of 158+ million includes numbers from platforms like Youtube, Saavn, Gaana, Spotify and other music services. As an ode to the background musicians, Aadhi equally distributed his earnings of the album (presented to him by film's producers Sundar. C and Khushboo Sundar) to the 35 people who worked on it. 

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