Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru: The lesser known reel-real depictions & facts

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Nov/2017

Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru: The lesser known reel-real depictions & facts

Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru: The lesser known reel-real depictions & facts

As we all know Karthi starrer Theeran Adigaaram Ondru, which has been subject to wide appreciation ever since its release, is based on a true police investigation on a case named Operation Bawaria. The 7 year-long operation resulted in the arrest of R. Oma Bawaria, his wife Beena Devi and his associate K. Lakshman aka Ashok Bawaria and the encounters of Bsura Bawaria and Vijay Bawaria. Theeran is all about real life depictions like these and some reel inclusions as well, which have been listed out here :


Real Life Inclusions :

1. The History of Bawaria

The Bawaria dacoits hail from of the leftover cultural groups' post-Indian Independence and belong to the tribal community, who were once part of the powerful Rajput clan. They were exiled to the Jungles over a war defeat, which eventually turned into them becoming hunters.


Here is a chart from a paper submitted by wildlife researcher and environmental journalist Bahar Dutt on 2003, representing the occupation of the previous generation of Bawaria as hunters.


2. Operation Bawaria

Jangid and team investigating om Bawaria Pic credit: BBC


The real-life police investigation gained a crucial evidence in the form of a fingerprint and in the film too, IPS officer Theeran (Karthi) and his team find one finger-print match which eventually leads to the arrest of the criminals. 


3. Momentum post MLA's death

Despite Bawaria criminals being active since 1995, it was the Jayalalitha-led regime in 2005 that initiated full support to the case post the murder of Gummudipoondi MLA K. Sudarsanam in Tamil Nadu.

Credits: The Hindu


In the film too, the government is shown getting serious about the case post the murder of a politician.


4. Proper Research 

The depiction of how people on the force should handle crime scene weapons and the level of resemblance between certain characters, real-life Bawaria tribe, explains the kind of research of H Vinoth has put into the movie. 


Those who have seen the movie would notice the similarities between two of the characters shown on reel and the above real-life bawaria tribes.



Reel Depictions :

1. Ethnicity of the Lead Cop

Operation Bawaria was lead by the then IG (North Zone) of Police, S.R. Jangid who hails from Rajasthan but was serving in Tamil Nadu. In the movie, Karthi who plays IPS officer Theeran hails from Tuticorin.


2. Love Angle

The love angle shown in the movie is partly true; meaning it existed, only it wasn't S.R. Jangid's but a DSP officer's who was from his team.


3. Rank difference

Theeran ends with Karthi in a low job in the department and living alone. S.R. Jangid who is a recipient of the President’s Police Medal for Gallantry, is presently elevated to the rank of Director-General of Police and lives at Chennai with his wife and son.



Historical accuracies and inaccuracies aside, H. Vinoth directed Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru is an heartfelt-ode to the relentless Police officers whose accomplishments are often overlooked in the real world. As told in their end-credits, the police team may not have been recognized with medals or honours but the Judge who read the final verdict on this case did say this, which is more or less a salute to the efforts of this team :


"The court recognizes the achievements of the special team led by the IGP, S.R. Jangid, in having detected these crimes where the cases remained clueless for over 11 years,"

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