Kaatru Veliyidai Songs - Music Review


Kaatru Veliyidai Songs - Music Review

Kaatru Veliyidai Songs - Music Review

Ramesh Kannan

Kaatru Veliyidai is an upcoming Tamil film directed by Maniratnam with Karthi as a lead. The film has a soundtrack composed by Maniratnam's usual Rahman. Let's check out whether Rahman continues to deliver his best to Maniratnam or not.

Nallai Allai:Nallai Allai's clean guitar laden background largely benefits from Sathyaprakash's effortless rendition and Chinmayi's superlative humming in the interludes. Vairamuthu's Tamil verses shine in the vocals of lead singer and the improvisations by Sathyaprakash is spot on which makes up for the familiar Rahman tune.

Azhagiye: Azhagiye is charming and lilting throughout the song except for the odd terse Punjabi inclusion and Haricharan's buoyant rendition easily makes this one appealing one. Jonita Gandhi's humming standout, while Madhan Karky's easy go lyrics, sounds apt for the overall mood of the tune. The few acapella portions evocate memories of Sandikuthirai from Kaaviyathalaivan.

Vaan Varuvan:The soundtrack best is undeniably Vaan Varuvan and Rahman utilizes Shashaa Tripathi's lovely vocals to the splendid effect making this one dreamy song. Apart from the mesmerizing vocals, Rahman shows his mixing effect to full throttle and the plethora of sounds in the background makes this one blissful experience while Vairamuthu's lyrics adds to the song's magical effect.

Sarattu Vandiyila: The ultra-catchy Sarattu Vandiyila traces back to the Rahman's folk songs from Taj Mahal and Thenali while the song's uncanny resemblance to the Mohan Sitara's Thanakkum Thana is difficult to brush off. However, Rahman's background dominated by guitar, mandolin, and other assorted sounds is surely a delight to listen while Tipu and AR Raihanah breezes through the Vairamuthu’s wordplay effectually.

Tango Kelaayo: Tango Kelaayo starts off beautifully with an engaging typical Tango styled number and the song traverses through multiple ways with a mix of retro-styled tune and culminating in the orchestral brilliant string sections. However, overall, the song is a bit of letdown except for the few enticing portions in a helter-skelter manner. Haricharan and Diwakar are pitch perfect in vocal front.


Jugni: Jugni's synth dominated soundscape mixed in a hypnotic manner is the masterstroke from the composer while the same cannot be said regarding the Punjabi flavored tune. Raajakumari and Shikara's rap portions didn't add much value to the song. Rahman's impressive sound dynamics especially towards the end of the track is the highlight.


Kaatru Veliyidai has the fair mix of melodies and Rahman's experimentations, However, the album is few notches below the usual Rahman- Maniratnam's soundtrack.


Rating: 3.5/5

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