Maattrraan is 2 hrs 48 mins


Maattrraan is 2 hrs 48 mins

Breaking News - Maattrraan Locked at 2 Hours 48 Minutes

Suriya and KV Anand's Maattrraan reached a key milestone this week with all visual effects and final editing getting completed on time. Maattrraan's final edit version was shown to a number of people not associated with the movie in a hush-hush manner to seek some feedback. Encouraged by positive response, KV Anand has confidently gone ahead and locked the movie at 168 minutes (2 hours 48 minutes).


Re-recording and Censor Certification yet to be done

Maattrraan has been handed over to Harris Jayaraj for Background Score. Now, the ball is in Harris Jayaraj's court as he has another 10 to 14 days to complete re-recording. The censor certification is expected to be done during the first week of October so the movie can release on October 12th. 


A number of big and medium budget movies had come up with their release schedule based on Maattrraan's announcement to release on October 12th. Now, all eyes set on Harris Jayaraj to deliver his background score so Maattrraan can hits the screens on the promised date.

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