Joker Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 22/Apr/2016

Joker Songs - Music Review

Joker Songs - Music Review

Ramesh S Kannan

Joker is an upcoming political satire film directed by RajuMurugan of Cuckoo fame. Sean Roldan known for his eclectic score in Mundasupatti and VaayaiMoodipesavum composes music for this movie. Let's check out whether Sean Roldan manages to maintain his winning streak with this movie or not.


Ennanga Sir UngaSattam:

Ennanga Sir UngaSattam was already released as a single which features Yugabarathi's wonderful satirical lyrics flows in tandem with the genre of the movie. Sean Roldan's shines in the ebullient arrangements traversing from retro folk to latino touch throughout the song. Composer employed lovely flamenco touch to the arrangements in the mid-way while ArandhaiBava and K Perumal's lend support with their rustic vocals.


Ola Ola Kudisayila

Ola Ola Kudisayila has an undeniable Ilayaraja flavour in the tune as well as arrangements while Sean's fabulous usage of flute and tabla base elevate the mood of the song multifold. The piece de resistance of the track is brilliant reverberant string section thrown generously throughout the song. Murugavel and Karthika Vaidyanathan's stupendous rendition of the Yugabharathi's lyrics make this one highly engaging song of the album.



Jasmine-u is another fun song in the album where composer once again mixes the folk tune with enthralling arrangements. Though the tune as a standalone is not great, Sean buoys up the mood of the song with the lovely ambience sounds with accordion, morsing and foot tapping native percussions in the background. Yugabharathi's amusing lyrics is the additional asset to this song.



Chellamma's highlight is the resonating arrangements and soul-stirring rendition by M Lalitha Sudha. Though the prelude with Hindi lyrics set to the rural tune sounds unusual, Sean's minimal arrangements with beautiful layering of strings in the background and keys make this song a charming listen. K Perumal lends wonderful support with his vocals.



Hallabol is the only song with mod sound in the album and song turns out to be great listen mainly because of the neat balance between techno sounds and vocals is maintained throughout the song. Kalyani Nair sounds fabulous as always in this short nevertheless engaging song in the album.



Sean Roldan ends the awesome soundtrack with Mannar Mannan set to the traditional tune and the composer embellishes the illustrious tune with jazz arrangements dominated by enticing jazz keys, accordion, and fabulous brass sections. The end result is the absolutely delectable finish to the splendid soundtrack from the composer.


Verdict: RajuMurugan's association with Sean Roldan turns out to be an equally effective and engaging soundtrack akin to the director's debut film cuckoo. Sean Roldan continues to impress as a composer with his sheer variety in the songs.


Picks of the Album: Ola OlaKudisayila, Chellama, Ennanga Sir ungaSattam

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