Put Chutney, to make movie promotions tastier

PUBLISHED DATE : 18/Feb/2016

Put Chutney, to make movie promotions tastier

Put Chutney, to make movie promotions tastier

Gone are the days when filmmakers relied only on movie trailers to lure audiences to watch their films. Initially, trailers were only attached with the screening of other popular films at the theatres and later, the trailers were released on YouTube at a specified time to create more buzz. The trailer evolved into crispier teaser, which revealed just few shots from the film, thereby teasing the audience to watch the film.


With the penetration of social networking sites among movie buffs, filmmakers have now started adopting innovative promotional strategies to market their films. These range from having a live video chat with the fans to having a #AskMiruthan session on Twitter few days before the release. Another interesting strategy, which is still in its infancy, is creating interesting and abstract promotional videos for films and releasing them just couple of days before the release.


Put Chutney, the YouTube channel which shot to fame with its hilarious 'What if Batman was from Chennai?' video, has now ventured into movie promotions. Last week, a promotional video done by Put Chutney with Siddharth for Jil Jung Juk diligently trolled Mysskin and also intelligently raised several questions about the so-called commercial films.


This week, the team has come up with yet another interesting video with Jayam Ravi for Miruthan, which has been going viral on social media. The video just gives enough information about zombies, which is relatively a new term for Tamil audience. The main highlight about these videos are that they don't preach anything or force you to watch a film. They are just made in a way such that they give a glimpse of what to expect from the film.


Interestingly, this has opened an all-new avenue for filmmakers to promote their films among the active social media youngsters, without spending a lot. Expect several other promising YouTube channels and short filmmakers to venture into this unconventional yet effective movie promotion strategy in the coming days.

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