Oru Nanban




Kakki Sattai Kakki Sattai

Let me be frank.Not to hurt any ones sentiments. Im amid entertainment. Im a self confessed Movie Buff and seeing the charts of Tollywood, Bollywood, Mollywood and others in Kollywood I can say confidently that SivaKarthikeyan is the next best big thing to happen in Kollywood. Basically for a person like me who watches movies maximum hours a day in all genre, I can promisingly say that the latest SK Movie Kaaki Sattai is the best from a promising new comer. I conclude telling every so called negativity pointers to let others enjoy the movie. Please note that making a movie isnt that easy. A person like Sivakarthikeyan on whom we have higher expectations is rocking every way. Why dont we appreciate a decent effort guys.. Why are we always typecasting a great talent like SivaKarthikeyan'sThings have changed!! Grow up! Regards, Oru Nanban (SivaKarthikeyan admirer) You Rock SK