Gershon Devadason




Theri Theri

Loved it from the beginning; the songs, actions, fight scenes, love scenes and acting by the lead roles were therific-ahh the emotional scenes played by vijay, samantha, radhika and even nainika!! However, the only limitation is how Vijay doesn't seem to showcase the loss of Mithra in the second half it seem Samantha had been forgotten in the 2nd half. This maybe not his fault but maybe the script and how despite she told to be a policeman, he still joins at the end which quite seems he is going against her wish. But maybe Atlee wanted a "Therific, Vijayish" ending and so might have done so. Other than that, Theri is the best Vijay, no, best Tamil film I have watched and there is so far!!! Congrats to the team!!