Sivakumar Anirudhan




Theri Theri

Negatives/Average Feeling Not a super introduction and Movie first 20 mins is boring. Then start First Fight - Not better than Singam fight in rain. Policemen intro(school) is nothing compared to many similar recent movies. Copy but not better. jithu jilladi - is this best intro song? -Graphics ? not even match kadhalan Touching Child labor - But not much in to social issues and just for a fight. (We will even forget this, once the movie is complete. luckily I had noted it down ) At 30 mins, we even forget where movie started and kerala scenes. Fight in city is good. But not new and movie slowly picks up Samantha.too much in her introduction. Aandava... mudiyala. - Oru marana break. Nothing emotional for audience here. Valaikappu Scenes .. dragging a bit Even after 1 hour movie feel is movie not started. Mahendran Sir- excellent only in scenes before interval. Fight in restaurant is average.Post this movie started dragging and lost the plot completely and boring other than the 5* scene. Already saw the same dialogues and conversations in all Police Movie with heroine (2nd half, after fight). Its predictable scene by scene after this. Nothing new even in screenplay or scenes. Bad. Villain is very smart but called Vijay when the school bus starts. Usually such villain will call only after killing daugther(This is called killing a Character by the Director) . Director Killed villain characterisation post interval. Movie lost the plot... Padam fulla vijay introductiona vacha eppa story solluvinga feeling comes in Songs and Dance- Oh, is this what comapred to Shakars movie?- Certainly not. Movie should be engaging and should not remind us of other movies even if copied. Editing of Movie is very bad. Positive Radhika-Vijay excellent. Their chemistry is awesome. Rajendran Super -Scoring again and again in all scenes. Bus scene- Similar to Gajini. But, Vijay + Samanth good dialogues but doesnt last for even 30 sec. Vijay certain places overacting. Love scenes are above average. But Characterisation is not sticking. Radhika - Samantha excellent. (For this one scene people won't hate the movie) Nirbhaya/ similar incident happened in TN...Highly emotionl and excellent - everyone scores. Excellent acting by Vijay in Hospital scene. because of this no one can hate.and wow.. thats great scene ..on going to see bridge.. That's a Mass before interval. So for the last 15 minsbefore interval movie is good. Which made some reviews to post first half good Post interval again flashback, Vijay did well here only for few min. Vijay acting is better, in the sequnece when samantha dies... Emotional and many will cry.... GV Prakash BGM is superb. If this is not good then movie would have been rated very low.