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Theri Theri

#Theri.. Well, not everyone will believe a review of a die hard fan for his fav actor movie..So choice is yours ;-) ;-) The movie progresses with a colorful, racy & an awesome first half, goosebumps interval block..!!! The second part of 2nd half is little predictable.. Thalapathy performance in sentiment and love scenes new level _/\_ _/\_ Beautiful, pleasant chemistry between Vj & Sammu, Vj &Nainika :-) :-) Top notch camera work..!!! Theri may not be a classic like Thuppaki or Katthi but it has something for everyone to watch in theatres :-) :-) A vijay fan will love it and others kandippa once pakalam :-) :-) #GVTheriBGM #FamilyEntertainer