Dwarakesh Murali




Theri Theri

What vijay's mass fans want and what critics want seldom intersect but with films like thuppaki and kaththi, he managed to woo both sides of viewers effectively.Yet with Their, he manages to fall short of hitting the mark. As a film, Their has been solely designed for Vijay fans alone. There is an abundance of heroism, action, comedy and romance In this potboiler. But where it falls short is in the storyline and screenplay. Such a story has been seen aplenty in Tamil films. Atlee, despite his astute directional skills, seems to have written the story with as little research as possible because there isn't any needed. It is a revenge drama that is as simple as it can get. And screenplay wise, it falls flat with uneven sequences throughout the first half.The second half is a notch above the first. The positives are Vijay,Samantha and mahendran. How much more handsome can Vijay get, we can not know. He is over 40 and is super fit and apt in his role. Surprisingly, this being a masala film, Samantha has a meaty role in this film. Mahendran is also quite good in his role. Though he could have been better, he still manages to bring out the calm in the storm. On the whole, the film is clearly catering only towards vijay's fans and doesn't quite reach the mark as other films from Vijay like thuppaki and kaththi.