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Theri Theri

Theri One of the most awaited movies of the year has finally hit the screens:) After Puli, Vijay has strongly bounced back with Theri. Theri revolves around a cop, and a bad politician. What made them enemies? What all they both had to miss because of their hostility? Who is a good father? Who is a bad father? Well, Theri holds answers to all these. Vijay has made for a complete family person, a caring son, a romantic husband, an awesome dad, a cool in-law. Any relationship, you name it, he does it with ease. Vijay's Joseph Kuruvilla character gave fans nostalgic memories of their idol, when he was at his younger age. Its sure a delight for everyone to watch Vijay like that. Theri is Vijay's best cop movie till date. Legendary director Mahendran has played the baddie in the movie. His attitude, dialogue delivery, mannerisms is in the lines of a slightly depreciated Siddharth Abhimanyu. The depreciation was very much needed because of his age and the role he acts in the film. Theri is Samanthas best till date. Her performance in Theri was a stellar one. Samantha excelled in her looks and performance as well. Motta Rajendran travels throughout the movie alongside Vijay. He couldnt have asked for any better role than this. He hits at all quarters as a performer, not merely as a comic. Amy Jackson plays a Malayali and her hair makeover well suited it. Though she didn't receive much screen space to deal with, her performance was quite honest. Baby Nainika is the second best show stealer after Vijay. She hits with her expressions and voice, though some Nainika scenes looked like it she had some lip sync issues. Vijay scores in every frame, be it sentiment or comedy or action, he has proved himself an all-round performer. En Jeevans visuals are blissful, while Jithu Jilladi and Chella Kutty will make fans go on floors. Atlee, kudos to him for making a movie like Theri. Only one film old, handles emotions with ease. Demise of Samantha will leave you in spills. Atlee couldnt have thought of anyone other than Vijay for the lead role. Special mention to Atlee and his team for well scripting the dialogues. GV Prakash's background score is brilliant. It appends to the mass and emotional factor and elevates the picture on screen. Yet another brilliant work by cameraman George C Williams. Antony L Rubens cuts are sharp and as crisp as the title. Theri's story was predictable to some extent and the trailer must take the full blame for it. After a rapid fire first half, the initial portions of the second half may seem a bit slow, but that's where Atlee nailed the emotion factor deep. Theri Its everyone's cup of tea. An emotional ride, with signature Atlee's style of content delivery.