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Just pure love...,No lust...! First of all I wanna convey that I'm a 2k kid! there is a very much wrong thought that this film is not for the 2k kids,but I would say thi is a sweet lesson for all the modern people out there. as this era made the word LOVE very unhealthy,this movie again makes us feel the difference between Love and Lust..I know that they did not even wanted to convey a message about the difference between love and lust.. but every modern personality will definitely understand the difference, And this film brings our First Love back to us like a delightful breeze...It brings out that subtle pain and the innocence of the pure love together and it is a pure delight.. There is no mention needed about the director and the technicians they were shown there brilliance in every single frame of the movie... ACTING> Vijay Sethupathy : Simply Rocked it,His facial expressions deserves a separate Oscar Award,He Simply lived the character..!Hats off to you sir!1000 Oscars on the way.. Trisha : Every single person will start loving Trisha After this movie,It was a Georgios and a Realistic performance It's 1000000% sure that Jaanu will be the next level of Jessie simply awesome..! I recommend not to miss this Masterpiece !