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Vivegam Vivegam

#Vivegam_movie_review One liner review : ... ... #Ak_25 ... Hitech action movie from director siva sir First of all watta dedication level of Ajith sir in his age after so many surgeries Seriously man of dedication #salute Plus point: One n only Ajith sir and his dedication First off screen play Action plots - bike chase car chase coming out well Husband and wife sentiment worked out well especially interval block every successful man there is woman music Anirudh done well including Bgm its so conveyancing Minus point : Vivek Oberoi voice its remembrance to vedhalam villain may be they using same dubbing artist for both villain second half very predictable some over dosage scenes included for fan followers Finally more or less vivegam also plus for audience as well as movie cast and crews It takes to next level cinema My rating 4 out 5