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Ok Kanmani Ok Kanmani

#Ok_Kanamani I, Being a Fan Of Maniratnam sir Literally Cried While the Movie Gets Applause from the Audience for Every 3 Minutes... iam Not Sure About the Overall Responce of the Movie but When you Stand out From the Audience and Watch the Movie in the Makers Point of View You Can See the Magic That Mani Sir Had Made.. The way he Settle down the Audience and The Way he Pulls them into The Move and then Make them Travell With Adhi & Tara and Finally Make the audience Go Out With a Pretty Smle On Their Faces.. At Many Places in the Movie i Caught Myself Smiling Not Becasue Of the Humor but Because of the Overloaded Cuteness... The best Part Of Mani Sir's Movies is the Realistic Essence., You will Never Feel That you are Watching a Movie Until the Movie Ends You Will be just Into It, Ok Kanmani is also one such.. And i Feel its the Most Toughest Thing to do so But Mani Sir is Doing it Just Like that.... the "Dialogues" ... Mani Sir Usually Says that "Dialogues" in the movies should not be Dialogues it should Be a "Conversation" (there is a lot of Difference Between those Two) and I can see that in this Movie... the Characters dont just speak out the Dialogues they Talk to Each Other.. The Conversations in the Movie are soo soooo Realistic (Especially in the Marriage scene Where Adhi & Tara list down the things in Marriage Life and When Adhi says "Kadhal,..Kamam" Tara will be Saying "Aama Kandipa Kamam.." That Conversation is such a Realistic One) Each and Every scene just made me smile Inside... P.C sir's Cinematography..The visuals are like a Beautifully Wrapped Up Gift.. Both the In Doors and Out Doors of Mumbai Have been Shown in a Fresh and Astonishing Way.., I Cant just take my eyes away from any of Those Shots.. When the First time i Watched this Movie I missed many of the Scenes Just by Wondering how P.C Sir Made this Shot, How he thought of Keeping an Angle Like this, Where Does he Placed those Lights.. (Especially the Kitchen Shot where Ganapathy i mean Prakash Raj sir was telling Adhi to take Bhavani Aunty to the katcheri and P.C sir Placed the Shot beside the Cooker while the Vapour from it blurs the Subject and then clears and then blurs then again clears that was Realistic to the Core i Wonder how a Man can think a Shot like that).. A.R.R's Music... it is like the Extra Life you get in Video Games.. when the Scenes itself is Beautiful His Music give extra Beautifulness to the picture.. the Gaming Sequences in this Movie have been Taken to the Next Level by Aattakaara Song... and Mental Manadhil was a Magic.. i Personally Loved Maula va Salim in A.R.Ameen's Cute Voice <3 just Loved it... the Characters... #Adhi DQS fits in Perfect, his Tamil Slang and the Cute Reactions sure he has Way to Go in Tamil Cinema no Wonder in people saying that he is the Next Maddy... #Tara the Kanmani Nitya Menon iam Sure Nobody Ever can do this Character with such a Beautifulness other than her.. Her Smile Her Pranks and those Reactions after that.. WoW.. You can Just Say Ok Kanmani for her Experssions.. the Perfect Kanmani <3 #Ganapathy Prakash Raj Sir, You can see His Love on His Eyes... His Acting was a Major plus in this Movie.. i never felt he is Acting at any Point... #Bhavani Leela Samson, Justified the Character ... Very well made Character by Mani Sir.. This Abnormal Women is the one who makes you smile at Many Places and the Point is You Laugh because of Her and Not at Her.. and thats Why this Character is so Special.. On the Whole as a Maniratnam Fan i just cant Come out of the Movie yet.. i Guess all the Mani Sir fans Have felt the Same Magic inside as of Me.. and if You have read this Fully thanks a Lot... Please Do Watch it in Theaters, ThankYou.