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  1. Viswasam U

    #Viswasam - Usual Ajith Siva Combo!
    Ajith as Thookudurai is mass and emotional(Not the flashback's Durai). Mass intro in an awesome frame with 100's of hands together. A Not needed first 1 hr with a lot of logical loopholes, The usual mass fight scene in the pre-interval block ending with the punch dialogue sets the story for the second half. Ajith's emotional acting is good. Nayanthara also has an equal role compared to Ajith and she is pretty good too. 'Kannana Kanne' song is awesome. The fight sequence in the basement toilet is great. Even the second half does not offer anything fresh but the father-daughter combo in the final half an hour makes the film one time watchable for the festive season.
    #StrictlyMyView !!  


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