Master (U/A)
13/Jan/2021 Action,drama


Purushothaman G

  1. Master U/A

    The one line summary would be vijay sethupathy movie in which vijay has his own space to play. As described by Lokesh himself he planned for 50% Lokesh movie + 50% vijay movie. Whenever 50/50 is planned the result would be not as expected, this even applicable to hollywood say for example Justice league it became a disaster because it involved two directors, so the end result of Master is comparatively better. Bhavani character definition is perfect and Vjs did it so easily whereas JD character sketch is good but the detialing is bit dull though the character has a reference to nammavar 1995 selvam(kamal) character in one line defined by Nassar. Thalapathy's performance is fresh, many liked the idea of flawed hero and vijay suits the JD better. Anirudh music is another add on with the album hit and also the BGM he nailed it. Few other characters like Mahendran, Arjun das, Poovaiyar done justice to their role out of which the character that was much needed would be Mahendran. Other than these characters, Malavika, Shantanu, Andrea didn't have much scope. The main problem is the expectation of people if the director is not Lokesh the movie would have received a different way of approach.  


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