Master (U/A)
13/Jan/2021 Action, Drama


Critics Review


Master does have some atypical moments for fans but surely, required more finesse from a master creator who has set a benchmark

Lokesh and team have etched out some nice action sequences for Thalapathy's intro and a few other action blocks too, have decent dosage of action. In fact, one might think Vijay's acting in the first half as a drunkard professor is very convincing. Particularly, the way he adjusts his pants, his sleeping problem, the dialogue delivery, mood carried by Vijay and a lot of minute details work(more)

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Master scores well as a perfect commercial film that will satisfy Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi and Lokesh fans.

The film has a lot of Easter eggs and references to Hollywood songs, and also a few classic films such as Titanic, Premam etc. And all these are pretty much enjoyable. The only drawback is the slightly long second half, where the engagement takes a hit. However the brilliant action sequences, where the stunt master works in tandem with the editor (Philomin Raj) almost makes you forget all that. (more)

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Perfect entertainer for Pongal

This Lokesh Kanagaraj directorial pits Thalapathy Vijay against Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi and offers a largely engaging experience despite its 3 hours runtime. The core story is centered around a juvenile correction home, and how professor John Durairaj (JD) stops the evil Bhavani from further exploiting young kids, corrupting their naive minds and turning them into criminals. (more)

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Only for Star heroes

Lokesh Kanagaraj, who is best at showcasing gritty crime dramas is not at his best. He has done justice to the stars and handled them well but his narration has clearly taken a beating. The film is quite predictable and has nothing new to showcase. (more)

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Lacks the Desired Effect

Vijay oozes style in every frame. In a righteous and a bit mysterious role, he has pulled it off well. Even at the end, his 'flashback' remains a mystery but he has convincingly played this part. (more)

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Savior of theater business

The writer-director has consciously avoided a backstory to the hero but it may have helped if there had been a strong one in place In the first half though nothing much happens at least there is momentum which is lost in the second half. For some reason the climax turns deliberately comical which dilutes the performances of the two stars as well. (more)

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Vijay And Vijay Sethupathi Make A Winning Combination

With Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi squaring off and Kanagaraj orchestrating the duet to apportion equal importance to the two actors, the film tides over the bumps without turning turtle.(more)

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An entertaining first half let down by a dragging second

At several instances, the film leaves plot lines hanging and instead chooses to devote time to impress upon the audience the power of the hero and the 'mass' that he shoulders. What the director forgets, is that unlike in a Kaithi where the audience speculated over whether Karthi will make it out of all the violence alive, here there is not even a question of anything but triumph for the hero.(more)

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A unique Vijay film

There are some redeeming ideas in Master that shows Lokesh Kanagaraj's real talent as a storyteller. Especially, the way he has written his hero and the antagonist. (more)

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Lokesh Kanagaraj's direction fades in this moderately entertaining Vijay film

Master is unfortunately the kind of film that concerns itself with too many things but can hardly focus on any of it beyond adorning the hero, Vijay. (more)

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