Aandavan Kattalai (U)
23/Sep/2016 Comedy,drama 2hrs 30mins

Aandavan Kattalai

Rubhan Raina

  1. Aandavan Kattalai U

    1. ENTIRELY different script 
    2.vijay sethupathi acting asusal with a mass title card start for him as makkal selvan 
    3. comedy and tragedy mixed will equal level
    4.songs are good just 2  and pleasent also added at the right time in movie 
    5.each and every character in movie has done well especially yogi babu 
    6.ritika singh looks gorgeous and homely 
    1.very tiny mistakes in editing and in one scene vijay sethupathy speaking in phone and screen shows black and white pathches and green coulour 
    1ST HALF
    full of comedys u will see it as a different movie its hihglight is yogi babu it will look like somewhat predictable and feel not 100% satisfy at interval card but 80% satisfy .
    no best scene or mass scenes in first half only cmdy scenes :)......
    2ND HALF: 
    here only more tragedy and thrilling portions simultaneously mixed with cmdy and entertainment comes 
    not even for 1sec our eyes will move away more than first half second half is awesome 
    mass scene: vijay sethupathi acting and mokking house owner after before yogi babu call from america
    best scene: court scene in where vjs and ritka act as fake husband and wife to get divorce 
    this is very entertaining enjoyable movie u can enjoy with family its minimum 3 times watchable and its a BIG MOVIE WHICH WILL BE DRAGGING AND U WILL ALSO KNOW THAT BUT U WILL STILL enjoy it thats this movies specality it also has a message telling us how a small seed of a frod work grows into a big tree of problems and also bonds with other seeds of problems 
    CAST REPLACEMENT- not needed if dhanush acts it will also be good 
    RATING - 78% 


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