Aandavan Kattalai (U)
23/Sep/2016 Comedy, Drama 2hrs 30mins

Aandavan Kattalai

Critics Review


A refreshing dramedy

.The best aspect of Aandavan Kattalai is the way it eschews melodrama. Quite a few serious scenes are out there in the film that touches very sensitive and important issues. You feel the pain but it is all beautifully understated. The way Yogi Babu's character behaves in the later half shows the kind of filmmaker Manikandan is. He lets you to get to feel everything he wants to but never underlines anything.Vijay Sethupathy does deserve a pat on his back for choosing to be part of these films in an industry where being a star could mean the most to many. It is also quite evident that he enjoys playing these roles and be amidst people who love cinema. (more)

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A light hearted entertaining film that talks about a socially relevant issue

Manikandan is a proven director as we all know, and this film is yet another addition to the director's mettle as a storyteller. The screenplay has been written by three people, Manikandan, Anucharan, and Arul Chezhiyan. The trio has made sure that the film does not deviate from the core plot. The slow pace of the film is a concern, but, the light-hearted comedies and lively performances make up for it. The film is also quirky at places and conveys a socially relevant message beautifully in a realistic manner. Don't go late to the screens as the story starts right from the first scene. For the first time, Manikandan hasn't handled the cinematography and has solely concentrated on dialogues, screenplay, and direction.(more)

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An Enjoyable Ride

Manikandan knows how to deliver a movie with a sensible message intertwined with a bountiful of humor. Aandavan Kattalai is no different and this too, like Kaaka Muttai is an enjoyable ride.(more)

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Andavan Kattalai is not to be missed

The director once again delivers big time with a refreshing screenplay loaded with reality and fun, some great music, delightful characters and brilliant all-round performances. (more)

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Tale of British visa and finding a wife for it

Manikandan has been bold enough to get his film going without songs -- though the background score is often bawling for attention.(more)

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My dear visa

Manikandan and his writing team (Arul Chezhiyan, Anucharan) should hold classes for other Tamil filmmakers who want the story-screenplay-dialogue credit but reveal little understanding of these elements. Everything in Aandavan Kattalai is there for a reason. (more)

Source: Baradwaj Rangan, The Hindu


Charming feel-good drama

The film has covered all relevant issues including greedy house owners, plight of Sri Lankan refugees, money milking brokers and how they trap innocent people for their own good without being too loud and everything is woven within the screenplay and apt characterization !(more)

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