Rubhan Raina

  1. Kidari U/A

    1. BGM because even for some mokka scenes it makes us to not look down the screen 
         done by darbuka siva and this debut as a music director he had already acted in rajadhandiram
    2. fight sequence awesome all were realistic pakka 
    3. the script is a decent one and the way they took it was good 
    4.Vela Ramamurthy  the villain who acted in sethupathi this is also one of his good ones 
        showed great charisma we couldnt identify he was such a baddy and black sheep.
    5. O. A. K. Sundar u would not know him he acts in serials the guy made us laugh 
    6.cast selection except heroine 
    7.costumes and technitions this story happening during 90's good makeup especially when they showed flashback transformed 60 year old man to during their 30 years 
    1. SASI KUMAR he absoluety gave 100% in the class portion but again damaged when trying mass 
    1.songs not even one song satisfies 
    2. heroin could have had any other girl she cantr match unique with sasi kumar 
        she is the same girl who played in vetrivel many scenes irritating while she comes
         during love portion powerful punch dialouge which every sasi kumar flim has is missed in this  
    1st HALF:
    it goes to fast time porathe therla it had some content but yet some missing elements 
    gives us not full satisfaction . we think that this also will be one of those predictable tamil movies
    mass scene- 1st fight scene with totally differnent action and brutal 
    2ND HALF-
    didnt go fast as 1st half but had more essential content than 2nd half movie ending had new concept
      but not satisfied the flash back portion portion where nepolean comes is the solution which finally removed all the knots but it gives us a thrill 
    no best scene mass scenes
    overall this is a one time watchable movie or may be 2 times in simple this is mash up of all sasi kumar movies 
    it gives u a feel of usual tamil movies but actually its quite unusual drama which u will love 
    CAST REPLACEMENT-  ananya of nadodigal fame can be replaced with heroin
                                                 no hero replacement needed but it would also be good if vijay sethupathi acts
    RATING- 71%  


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