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Well made and adequately gripping

Kidari is well made and adequately gripping. Had it reduced some violence and added more meat to the drama it would have scaled still greater heights.(more)

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Rides high on community content and clashes

Kidaari wins on the variety content, Sasikumar, strong characterization and presentation of the community clashes, is weak in being predictable, slows down with the love portions and length.(more)

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New genre of 'Aruvaa Christie'?

The director (also responsible for the screenplay) has an undeniable flair for pulp. I loved the unabashed hamminess of this line: "Ratham. Mannula padinjaa karayum. Manasula padinjaa kadhayaagum." A few scenes, too, shine with writerly sweat, like the bit that goes on and on�almost Tarantinoesque in its thrall to pop culture�about a word in the lovely Chinna Thambi song, �Thooliyile Aadavandha�. But murder mysteries need more than flavour. They need focus. We need to be kept guessing constantly. It's not a good sign when the story seems less interested in suspense than in sickles whooshing down every few minutes. Then again, this may be a new genre: Aruvaa Christie.(more)

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A raw and rustic revenge saga that could have been much better with a stronger writing and a faster narration

Though the story might be a familiar one, the screenplay is where the director scores. The movie moves in episodic structure and every episode adds value to the core plot. The non-linear screenplay, coming from a debut director(more)

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Gripping revenge drama

Kidaari is a gripping film that seizes your full attention. A watchable gangster flick for its slick presentation. (more)

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