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  1. Kavan U

    #Kavan - Solid, Engaging & Entertaining film , that brutally exposes the Media's unethical business for TRP 
    The one thing that usually excites me when it comes to Kv Anand movies are the extensive research that KV Anand -Suba duo put in for every movie, be its techniques in smuggling (Ayan), Ugly dramas in political (Ko), the geographical & historical real and reel connections of munaruna to Kaali (Anegan). The duo used to intelligently place their research inside a commercial product.
    The research they put for Kavan is nothing less when compared to their previous product (Additionally having media person Kabilan Vairamuthu in writing team), the movie is highly entertaining, and at the same time, it makes you realize how unethical media's can go for the sake of TRP. Though the issue they shown may be unrealistic or more filmsy, but the makers have injected that how media can misuse power & turn an event upside down or manipulate issues like how they want. The Impact. The movie doesnt deal with real issues as shown in teaser but it is relevant.
    A must watch for the content ! Vijay Sethupathi's timing commentary modulations and dialogue deliveries are biggest asset. TR and Pandiraj is good at their limited scope of roles. on flip side Hip Hop Aadhi does a 15 minutes cameo score before the climax. Noting much scope for Madonna. Kavan - Go For it . 3.5/5  


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