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  1. KO 2 U

    Spoilers Ahead: KO 2 is not a "Political Thriller" as teaser or trailer or advertisement or even some critic says. Its "Revenge drama" where two key politicians characters are involved with a few politically hard hitting dialogues which has no connection to the actual plot, just to get tagged for political genre.
    What went Wrong: A movie by itself is not a real one, so logic misses are fine to an extend, but in case of KO2, they crossed a limit.
    *A chief minister was kidnapped, within a space of few feet distance. It was informed to in-charge police officer that it was CM's sudden decision and protocol could not be possible for it. A CM these days at-least would have a Z+ security, were such plans are not immediately approved, even if you wanted immediately they request them for another 30 Min. adhu seri idhellam director ku thevai ila Prakash raj ah kadathanum Kadathiyachu.
    *There was a scene, where NSG was invited for a mission, after a it failed, Police officer Jhon Vijay shouts at NSG to leave the spot. In reality, NSG would never hear to police. NSG are high ranked security providers and they hear only to chief commando. Namma police officer ku adhu theriyadhu, get out of the site nu satham poduvar. "Makkal Rasikranga sir kai thattunga"
    *Towards the end, a police officer finds a secret path to the house via a steel box which is big like a hut, in front of house. When CM was kidnapped the whole spot was checked, how they missed this box? Does the director want to give a tribute to "Kadasi Nera Police Kandupidipu"?? wait, hero thappika venama so dont check boxu
    Cast: Cast department has totally failed even starts like prakash raj has no idea of what he is doing. There were no tension or mood, that a cm was kidnapped, it was like a group of students gather for a holiday trip and just chilling! The peter modulation of Jhon Vijay, Bobby's acting everything was too artificial. No idea why Bobby Shines only in Subbaraj movies
    So what was good?: As mentioned above few i repeat few political dialogues was good, but that has no connection to the plot. Which will leave you confused. when bobby raises such question you would think you are gonna get something big at end, but its focus only on revenge plot and nothing else. leon music was savior at places.
    When you have a good script and poor performers, the result will be mixed, we have poor script and poor performers, resulted in poor revenge drama
    KO2 - They promised you to deliver a Briyani (Sequel of KO), but what they delivered is a tasteless "Thakkali Sadham" (KO2)  


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