Moha N Ragu

  1. Ok Kanmani U/A

    Kamal Haasan does Different Roles, Takes Different forms over many decades now, but Kamal Haasan as a person is the same ! This will suite for 'Love' too ! Thats what the ace director Mani Ratnam conveys through this beautiful feel sane movie. Love over the periods have taken a lot of forms influenced from so many sources possible, till the latest 'Live-in' relationship.But, the essence of 'Love' - Being Loved , Being Possessive , Being Angry and the atmost Being Together.The Victory of a director lies in the moment, when he makes the audience feel what the character on-screen feels-make them travel along with the on-screen characters.I was completely into the Film, Smiling-Laughing-Crying everywhere it meant to be. I must say this is one of the finest story telling in recent times.Every character in the film gets into you, be it Adi or Tara or Ganapathy! Dulqur is here to stay in Tamil Industry for sure.He is simply outstanding in the last 30 minutes and what will i say about Nithya ! You Brilliance ! She smiles with her mouth and cries with her eyes as if they belonged to different bodies! Nithya, you deserve much more than what you had till now in Tamil. The old couple plays their role to finest effect possible. The humor element throughout is brilliant. Im sure, if you are a cinematographer/Camera Person you cant enjoy the movie,but thinking of how did PC made this shot / How did he light up this scene etc ! One Word-Brilliance.ARR's exsistence was unknown, which means he has won it hands down, Beautiful sound tracks which were like BGM to enhance the mood.And Finally,  Mani sir, Im sure you are inspiring another bunch of To-Be 'Directors' of the next Decade.  


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