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Production Hitesh Jabak
Music Director
Writer Mysskin
Editor Sadagopan Ramesh
Cinematographer Mahesh Muthuswamy

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Sparkling, fresh and innovative.

Mysskin has delivered another knock-out punch with his Anjathey. The canvass is engaging and thrilling as he is able to bring out the moods, anxieties and sheer dread of the characters due to top of the line performances from his lead actors. Here is superior quality Tamil cinema as Mysskin's intric...

by - Sify.com

Rating (3.5/5)

Anjathe, best Tamil movie so far.

Anjathe, Mysskin's new movie is a cocktail mix of explosive action, thrilling sequences and gut wrenching emotions. This is also the work of an ambitious and stridently commercial director, who is at the peak of his game. Some of the action sequences are brilliant. The director also displays remarka...

by - Rediff.com

Rating (4/5)

Outstanding entertainer.

Anjathey, director Mysskin's second venture can be considered among the outstanding entertainers that have come out in recent times. Mysskin has made the film with style and substance. His execution of the film is smart and effective. That you never get bored despite the length (3 hours and 10 minut...

by - IndiaGlitz.com

Rating (4.5/5)

Not a bad follow up to Chitiram at all.

At the outset, the story is pretty interesting with enough events to keep you hooked for over three hours. The high point of the movie is definitely the casting and the performances. The script is a good piece of work. The tempo rarely slackens, remaining consistently interesting and seldom boring. ...

by - Behindwoods.com

Rating (3/5)

Mysskin's Anjaathe has pinpointed the path to success.

Mysskin's plot and the intensity of his imagination are so intense that all the characters in the movie enter the audiences' hearts as soon as the movie commences. Mysskin has indeed done it again; he has captured an affecting realism in Anjaathe. The only negative aspect is the slow-paced sequences...

by - galatta.com

Rating (4/5)


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