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Pointlessly Political, Yet Passable!

Suppression is felt only when there is a connection. The characters and situations seem to be convincing enough, but the flat storyworld with preachy presentation, also the whole setup of this Tamil versus Kerala students enmity make it a pointless flick.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


A film that tells an effective tale in an ineffective manner

Rebel is the latest addition to the list of movies that intertwine multiple states and languages to tell their tale. The film is set in Kerala, and a large chunk of the characters speak in Malayalam. Rebel, similar to Manjummel Boys, might positively influence many more makers to conceptualise films...(more)

Source: Roopa, Times Of India


This intense political film never cuts deep

Despite a promising story, Rebel unfortunately leans to the side that it feared and strived not to. This issue with the writing removes our emotional connectivity with the characters, so when we see them get in trouble, we don't feel any empathy towards them.(more)

Source: Narayani, CinemaExpress.com

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1 “Azhagana Sathigari” Ekadesi Velmurugan Listen
2 “Rise Of Rebel” Arunraja Kamaraj Arunraja Kamaraj, OfRo Listen