Critics Review


Outdated Presentation!

An already crisp storyline has been dragged to a huge extent with very hardly any layers in the content makes it a tiring watch.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


This devil suffers from an identity crisis

Devil has images of Jesus sprinkled across the film, each of them portraying a different stage in his life, to foreshadow what the characters might go through. But what the film doesn�t address is the devil in the room. Rather, devils in the room. These morally grey characters seem like complete red flags upon close inspection, blinded by their rage and lust. (more)

Source: Cinema Express,


A subtle Poorna shines in a film filled with pointless moments and even more pointless characters

Devil is filled with men with 'mommy issues� and self-reliant women who are expected to mother their partners. But, what works in Devil's favor is that the film has a wonderfully subtle Poorna at the center of it. The actress gives her all in even the most baseless scenes and tries her best to sell the moment to the audience. Sadly, the film does have Poorna�s conviction but not her competency.(more)

Source: Roopa, Times Of India