Devil Review (Tamil Movie) - Outdated Presentation!

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Feb/2024

Devil Review (Tamil Movie) - Outdated Presentation!

Devil Review - Outdated Presentation!

Ashwin Ram


Devil is a dramatic thriller starring Vidharth, Poorna and Thrigun in the lead roles. The film is directed by Aathithyaa of Savarakathi fame and interestingly, the music is scored by Mysskin.



Vidharth and Poorna are a newly married couple. She finds out her husband has an extramarital affair with his office colleague. But she is silent about it, the equation gets serious when Poorna happens to meet a younger guy who helps her forget the bitter face of life.


Writing/ Direction:

The director has taken an odd subject in hand, but the presentation style is amateurish. Right from the shot compositions to dialogue deliveries to dealing with complicated situations, everything is handled in such a fragile manner that these elements make the film feel like a silly one. There are several references of director Mysskin and his movies, such an absurd creative choice and feels nothing but a self-praise. The story is wafer-thin and had potential to be developed into a decent one, but the writing is lazy with very minimal stuff. Every single moment is over-stretched just to expand the runtime and make it a feature, but it results in providing a TV serial experience. The film is unimaginably slow due to lack of content to build the drama. Despite boring staging, there was a slight curiosity about how things are going to conclude, but the last 30 minutes spoiled the show further. The bizarre ending makes it a pointless flick which literally gives zero takeaway.



Quite a monotonous act by Vidharth, he overacts while expressing lust. While Poorna gets the job right with maintaining subtlety and also while crying out loud. Actor Thrigun plays a pivotal role and his work is decent. Mysskin has done a cameo, his character appears as a mysterious element, not just in the movie but also for the audience, we are left clueless until the very end why he exists in the film.



Poor contribution by Mysskin in terms of music. Both the songs and the background score don’t really gel with the happenings, complete out of place sounds, vocals and tunes. The visual quality is neat and the colour tone is well-maintained, but the finesse is missing as every other technical aspect is out of place. Such an old-school edit pattern which doesn’t suit the order of the day.




An already crisp storyline has been dragged to a huge extent with very hardly any layers in the content makes it a tiring watch.

Rating - 2/ 5

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