Guardian (U/A)
08/Mar/2024 Horror, Thriller


Critics Review


Template Horror Thriller Film

With the special element that drives the first hour and the existing intent in the later half�s flashback, the film could have at least been a fairly entertaining horror thriller if the screen-writing was done right and the execution was minimally pleasing. However, film works as a template revenge horror thriller(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


An insipid film with threadbare antagonists and unintentionally comical scares

There�s just one call back moment in Guardian that actually works. In one scene, a mother teaches her daughter about good and bad touch. There�s been an overabundance of scenes that mention the same in many of our recent movies. It�s as if our filmmakers want to be woke just for the sake of being woke. But this moment is later referenced in another scene featuring the daughter. For a film that�s so dissonant, this one moment of coherence comes across as if it's a big deal.(more)

Source: Roopa, Times Of India


Haunted by cliches of the genre

Guardian too is gripped with revenge. Even with a familiar story, the makers could have still made an engaging film with focused storytelling or at least they could have leveraged the thrills of the genre. However, the jumpscares are as bland as the story. As the end credits roll, the film quickly fades away from your memory, like a ghost with unrealised dreams. (more)

Source: Cinema Express,