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There are a few lags post the halfway mark and the big reveal could have made a stronger impact. Still, keeping aside some small flaws, Gargi is a very well written emotional legal drama. With an absorbing first hour and a decently engaging second half, it�s definitely one of the very few solid-watch films of the year.(more)

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Sai Pallavi gives career-best performance in one of the most important Tamil films in recent history

This is Sai Pallavi�s show all the way. In what�s easily her career-best performance, the actor showcases that she has so much untapped potential. It�s a performance that�ll move you in ways you can�t imagine.(more)

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Sai Pallavi stars in an outstanding film that questions perspectives

Gargi is something on those lines, and much more than that. Sai Pallavi's latest release combines the elements of a whodunit and courtroom drama to dish out a hard-hitting tale that constantly plays hide-and-seek with your mind and its various judgements and pre-conceived notions.(more)

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Sai Pallavi is terrific in this sensitive legal drama with a twist

The climax is what makes Gargi different from other films of this genre. It can either shock you or put you off. It's unsettling, but also makes you think about the times we live in and how vulnerable women are. When Gargi gets to learn the truth, she lets out a cry, which shakes you from within. Sai Pallavi's performance is the highlight of the film. Kaali Venkat and RS Shivaji have given tough competition to her with their acts.(more)

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A superb Sai Pallavi shines in this tense drama on sexual abuse

The film belongs to Sai Pallavi, who is superb as a young woman who is determined to fight back even with the entire world against her. The actress displays the multitude of emotions Gargi undergoes over the course of the film without any false note in her performance. Behind the slender appearance, she makes us see the nerves of steel that Gargi possesses and makes us root for the character at every step of her struggle.(more)

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Again, this is a triumph of the writing, which extends everywhere. Look at the wide shot that ends a scene. There's utter silence. It's almost an irony that such a peaceful visual conceals the heavy drama going on inside and outside that house. Peaceful. That�s the word that kept coming to mind. It would have been so easy to amp up every bit of emotion, but a lot of what people feel, they keep to themselves. We feel it even if we don�t see it. And thus, these characters seem externally peaceful even if they are internally disturbed. Even the shocker of an ending is peaceful. We realise we have been given clues all along the way, and there is a sense of peaceful closure. And don�t miss the scenes that play over the closing credits. Despite a message-heavy feel, they are very moving. To take such a cliche-filled story and make such good cinema of it is no small achievement. (more)

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An emotional legal drama with a twist

Gargi is an emotional legal drama that talks about sexual abuse. Sai Pallavi steals the show with her outstanding performance. Barring a few scenes in the second half, Gargi is watchable. If you like serious court dramas then you can give it a watch in theaters.(more)

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Sai Pallavi-starrer steals the show with its sensitive portrayal

The way the film portrays the importance of approaching a minor victim is what truly stole the spotlight for me. The disturbing scenes stick to showing a fraction of the victim�s response to the attack on her. This fraction is enough to bring upon an avalanche of buried fears and past traumatic experience. Even when she is called upon to identify, she captured in silhouettes and side profiles. The most affecting scene in the film is of her father crying out in pain about how his daughter, the one who ran to him for a hug now looks at him as nothing but a man. She equates him with every other man, even the ones that attacked her. While this may be torturous for a father, he realizes that his daughter is guided by her lived experience. He must live with the weight of it, just as she will for the rest of her life.(more)

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'Gargi' is a technically-adept movie. Writing-wise, it has some shortcomings. The performances are able.

Sai Pallavi's A-class performance could fetch her awards. In a few ways, her performance transcends the nuances seen in her Vennela act in 'Virata Parvam' She has fewer lines, but the impact is nevertheless strong. Saravanan, Kavithalaya Krishnan, Aishwarya Lekshmi, and Livingston play different parts. The background score by Govind Vasantha adds to the film's atmospherics. Sraiyanti and Premkrishna Akkatu's cinematography is on the plus side.(more)

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