Veetla Vishesham (U)
17/Jun/2022 Comedy, Drama 2hrs 10mins

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Veetla Vishesham
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Veetla Vishesham is probably RJ Balaji's most solemn film yet, for it is low on humour and high on drama

It's clear that he wants to be taken seriously and go beyond being the funny guy. Veetla Visesham is a good start. The film looks good. (Cinematography by Karthik Muthukumar) I particularly liked Girishh's charming soundtrack even though it feels like an extension of his album work and his previous ...(more)

Source: Ashmeera Aiyappan,


RJ Balaji's Veetla Vishesham is a competently made remake of Badhaai Ho

In fact, the entire film has a slightly louder tone compared to the original's. While this doesn't detract its effectiveness or the points it wants to make, it still leaves us with a could-have-been-better feeling in some places. The performances, too, don't rank as high as what we got in Badhaai Ho...(more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India


By clubbing humour with an important message, Veetla Vishesham guarantees you a celebration at the theatres.

Veetla Vishesham doesn't strip Badhaai Ho off its soul, at the same time makes a lot of important changes. With the comedy elements working out well, the engagement and entertainment is never an issue. The performances by the supporting cast also adds to the film's positives, making it a winner. (more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board ,


A super fun-filled and heartwarming film supplemented by strong performances. Watch it in theatres with your family!

If you expect Veetla Vishesham to be just about fun, NO, the film has much more to offer. The serious drama and emotional sequences have also been neatly shot and executed without any artificiality. The film has a negligible level of issues, but that doesn't matter when the core is intact. (more)

Source: Arvind Sundaram,


RJ Balaji's 'Badhaai Ho' remake is a hilarious drama

Veetla Vishesham is an assortment of many styles of comedy, that also includes tragicomedy, situational comedy, slapstick, and Balaji�s well-known witty counters. As one might expect, the film also tones down its sex jokes and intimacy, probably in a bid to make the subject family-friendly(more)

Source: Bhuvanesh Chandar, The Hindu


Badhaai Ho's Tamil remake hits all the right notes, surpasses original in parts

Another reason why Veetla Vishesham works as effectively as the original is because the casting is on point. Both Urvashi and Sathyaraj fill the shoes of Neena Gupta and Gajaraj Rao effectively. Their performances really stand out because they own the characters and play it in their own way instead ...(more)

Source: Hindustan Times, Hindustan Times

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