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Salute - Subtle heroism and a solid premise!

The grim and tense mood is maintained throughout the film and we are very much involved with the investigation. The climax does evoke mixed emotions. You might be disappointed but it also seems to be a thoughtful decision to drive home the message that it is more important that an innocent isn't punished than to identify or punish the culprit. The drama or the emotional angle between the the two police brothers isn't really explored fully and the film also goes soft on the Manoj K. Jayan character in the climax. Again this might be to keep it very real but if you are expecting a payoff this could be a disappointment. (more)

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A cold, detached character study in the guise of a crime procedural

Salute is the latest entry to the never-ending reserve of the brooding, dark, introspective thriller staple from Malayalam cinema. The film is a conventional, excuse of a plot stretched far beyond its original promise. The film marks the returning collaboration between writers Bobby and Sanjay and Roshan Andrews after a string of successful titles to their credit, falls short of glory in its storytelling by some measure.(more)

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Dulquer Salmaan shines in absorbing investigative drama

Salute shows the professional pressure faced by police officers who have to deviate from ethical means of investigation in order to safeguard their jobs. Salute is a class apart from the kind of investigative thrillers we have seen in Malayalam cinema so far. The climax sequences where Aravind comes close to capturing the real murderer are stand-out.(more)

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Dulquer Salmaan's riveting cop drama is replete with new ideas

Salute, directed by Rosshan Andrrews, is an engaging police procedural drama featuring Dulquer Salmaan and Manoj K Jayan. The film is not your usual cop thriller, but it's interesting, nevertheless.(more)

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Dulquer's thriller is an engaging police procedural

Salute does not waste any time with romantic songs or sentimentalism. It sticks to being a police procedural albeit an old fashioned one, with Jakes Bejoy�s background score complementing the action without amplifying anything unnecessarily. (more)

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