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Venkat Prabhu's Quickie Does Deliver Some Quick Fun

Venkat Prabhu�s quickie does deliver some quick fun and does keep hitting the right spots at regular intervals. But the implausibility of some events and the whole representation vs glorification question left me with mixed feelings.(more)

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A fun film that fairly engages you with some laudable twists

Manmatha Leelai is more than just an adult comedy and you will have to witness it on screen to know why we say that. On the flipside, some of the comedies might have looked good on paper, but they don't really land well on screen. The film also suffers from inconsistency (at places) in terms of engagement.(more)

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Venkat Prabhu's quickie is a fun romp with an unsatisfactory climax

Unfortunately, the director � who pulled off an even more complex narrative with Maanaadu � chooses the road often travelled here. What was a tense adult comedy turns into an unimaginative crime movie with a convenient ending and a predictable twist. Even tonally, the film becomes something flashy and larger-than-life.(more)

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An intriguing dark comedy that falls short

Like almost every VP film, there is the final act that changes the entire landscape of the film. While it might not always be the smartest way to wrap up a film, Manmatha Leelai hinges on the surprise factor of the last act, and it does deliver. The way a couple of twists are neatly wrapped up, and some of the dialogues, especially in the final act, put the comedy in this adult comedy.(more)

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Manmatha Leelai is a fun adult thriller which is worth your time and money

Venkat Prabhu has managed to surprise us by attempting something novel despite pandemic restrictions. It isn't a perfect film but it is certainly worth your time. (more)

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