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Beastly Performance By Vijay!

Beast has all the ingredients to attract the family audience in droves to the theatres. After a few minutes in to the movie, the audience will get desensitized to blood. Vijay is in exceptional form as he delivers a beastly performance. It is worth watching to admire Vijay's suave and fluent all round performance.(more)

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Beast is an action thriller with several applause-worthy moments. With a clichid storyline, the film solely relies on Vijay's shoulders.

Director Nelson Dilipkumar's Beast could have been an engaging action thriller had the screenplay been effective. Thalapathy Vijay tried so hard to save this clichid thriller and he succeeded for the most part.(more)

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Even Vijay can't rescue Beast from flippant writing

The director seems to have banked entirely on his star to carry the film, but with a script that hardly offers him anything to work with, even Vijay can only do so much with his star power.(more)

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Vijay shoulders Beast, a stylishly shot action thriller which has equally engaging comedy moments.

Beast has cemented Vijay's place as one of the industry's top stars, it has ensured Nelson Dilipkumar's name as a bankable director who has also created his own signature. More importantly, the general audiences and Vijay fans are in for a solid entertainer that's also technically par excellence. It ends up as a film that has high repeat watch value!(more)

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Vijay shines in this mall invasion thriller that's bogged down by flippant writing

If only the stylish treatment was strongly complemented by good writing, especially a stronger antagonist, the film wouldn't have disappointed at places. As much as Nelson tries to stick to his storytelling template by introducing characters who aid the hero in the rescue mission just like in his last film Doctor; these aren't as funny and memorable as they were in that film.(more)

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Humour and zany performance save Vija's inconsistent film

As the film progresses, the loopholes become increasingly unbearable. The irreverent quips become repetitive, and there's nothing else to keep us entertained. The action sequences get grander, and subsequently, more implausible.(more)

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Vijay Fails To 'Master' This One, But It's Still A Celebration For Thalapathy Fans!

Nelson falls for the very similar filmmaking trap of compromising style with substance. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there's nothing significant here, but there are a lot of insignificant speed-breakers which become the issue. If someone can edit out the lousy love angle, some forced fun sequences keeping the action at the core, this would�ve been an amazing attempt majorly because of its cinematic style.(more)

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Vijay needs no assistance to fill the screen. Yet, no matter how much wallop a megastar might bring to the table, he still needs a strong script.

Beast has no fangs and its roar is no more than surround sound. Meant only for Vijay fans - in this regard, the film spares no effort - it is the sort of vehicle that does little justice to either the star or the director. (more)

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Unapologetic fan service

As Nelson makes big star movies without the usual clich�, he seems to be creating a set of his own clich�s. Take, for example, actors Redin Kingsley, Sunil Reddy and Yogi Babu. It seems this set of actors is a must-have in a Nelson film even as they don't serve the narration besides being just time fillers. Nelson forces these actors into the narration to create comic relief. At times it works, but this trick seems to be wearing thin with every new film.(more)

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Thalapathy Vijay's Effortless Swag is the Saving Grace in This Inconsistent Film

Beast is most definitely the film for you as you might want to see the hero in this suave avatar. If you aren't, you can still give the film a chance if you are willing to put logic at bay for 2 and a half hours.(more)

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The roar is missing

This is a film wrapped up in a small schedule and hence, the logical loopholes are glaring. The action choreography shines only in some parts as the story takes turns that will force you to suspend belief. The film's major plot points are silly. Towards the end, the feeling of watching an outdated, one-man show film is inevitable.(more)

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Leaner Story, Ridiculous Narrative

Vijay rescues the hostages, but he fails to save the film as the writing and execution in the latter part of the movie are lame.(more)

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