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Promises more than it delivers but a compact genre film that shouldn't hurt you!

A compact revenge thriller, the compactness of which works for and against the film. While the length ensures that there is no boredom, this also robs the film of any depth and drama. And without this depth, the final punch feels weak. That said, this is a welcome genre film featuring a star hero and the first half is a pleasant surprise.(more)

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Dhanush and Selvaraghavan's moody thriller is let down by a tepid second half

From the world of Selvaraghavan, we find ourselves transported to generic psycho killer territory. And events unfold in a very convenient fashion, offering us hardly any surprise. Instead of the craziness of Aalavandhan and the chills of a horror film, we get something rather tame and tepid. The supporting characters, too, have hardly anything to do beyond their functional roles. We get a rather long-winded flashback involving Kathir, his speech-impaired wife Madhuri (Elli AvrRam) and his twin sons, glorification of a problematic character, and an underwhelming climax that is left open-ended just so there is room for a sequel.(more)

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Selvaraghavan Makes A Comeback With His Goodluck Charm Dhanush!

Naane Varuvean is a clean and decent psychological thriller suitable for the family audience. The movie is a great comeback for Selvaraghavan to his core and the brothers' duo created another remarkable film.(more)

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Dhanush does all the heavy-lifting to elevate this stale horror flick

Dhanush, with his excellent acting, manages to establish the two characters - Prabhu and Kathir - distinctly. Indhuja Ravichandran, as the doting wife, doesn�t have much to explore, rather than just getting jealous of the dad-daughter relationship. Elli AvrRam, in her cameo, delivered a neat performance. Hiya Davey, Pranav and Prabhav have better roles when compared to the female leads and their performances are adequate.(more)

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Dhanush owns the screen in Selvaraghavan's best work in recent times

The entire first half is terrifically built, and full credit to Selvaraghavan for taking the paranormal route devoid of the tropes usually associated with such stories. There are enough chilling moments in the first half to make someone appreciate why Selvaraghavan is a master storyteller, especially when he�s making stories in his zone. However, the film feels largely predictable when it reaches the second half and there�s a certain urgency in completing the story without even making one invest in the conflict between the brothers. If only the second half was able to create the same impact as the first, Naane Varuven would�ve worked even more effectively.(more)

Source: Haricharan Pudipeddi, Hindustan Times


Dhanush's latest ruins an absolutely good idea

Surprisingly, despite all its shortcomings, the film does not punish you. Dhanush might have been drab as Prabhu, but as Kathir, he shines. In a scene towards the end of the film, Dhanush shows what he is capable of. The great quality of his acting feels incongruous with the shoddy film. For that brief moment, all your complaints about the film fade away� but it�s all for that brief moment. The rest of the time, you are just watching the ruins of an abandoned idea.(more)

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A Potent Genre Piece Failed By Tonal Inconsistencies

The well-directed final scene, with tight closeups and cuts like that of a spaghetti western, left me wondering what the makers are even trying to say. Is it a promise of a sequel, is it a hark back to the astrologer�s warning of impending death, or is it simply about a cynical worldview that evil will persist, no matter what? I�d like to stop thinking here. The ambiguity in the ending doesn�t help in adding any meaning to the film, making this quite an insipid offering from the endearingly ambitious stable of Selvaraghavan.(more)

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An underwhelming yet dark and intriguing thriller

Naane Varuven has its moments, and the exploration of Kathir�s character is intriguing As a whole, however, the film needed to be a tad bit more dynamic. Especially the way they arrive at a resolution to the central conflict is just laden with unnecessary weight.(more)

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