Valimai (U/A)
24/Feb/2022 Action, Drama


Critics Review


Stunts Alone Stand Out!

Quite an engaging first hour with a convincing setup and has a couple of unimaginably grand-scale intense chase sequences, also the story has enough potential to hit the right chord� Despite these factors, it doesn�t offer anything exceptional on the whole due to a lot of usual stuffing especially in the second half. With a crisper screen-writing and a gripping latter, this could have been something big.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram , MovieCrow


Ajith's star vehicle banks more on stunts than substance

It's a clash between stunts and sentiment in Valimai, a somewhat engaging but overlong action movie that hides its simplistic writing with elaborate action set-pieces. We keep getting a sense of Vinoth trying hard to strike a balance between making a gritty action movie and satisfying the demands of a star vehicle, with message, sentiment, and 'mass' moments. Despite the story having scope for rooting the action scenes in emotion, he is content with treating them as just standalone set-pieces. (more)

Source: M Suganth, Times Of India


Ajith, Kartikeya face off in H Vinoth's ineffective film with interesting ideas

H Vinoth exchanges the grounded authenticity of his predecessor work for glitzy, gimmicky action which ends being a kitsch combination of sensibilities (more)

Source: Ashameera Aiyappan,


Terrific action in Ajith Kumar film supersedes predictable story

Valimai would've been a cracker of a film if it solely focused on providing action thrills. It needlessly tries to pander to the masses by bringing in the family angle which is the film's biggest grouse.(more)

Source: Haricharan Pudipedi, Hindustan Times


Film's Title Means 'Strength' In English & That's What Required To Watch This Ajith Starrer!

Ajith, without a single doubt, is the one - man show of Valimai and somewhere that's also a drawback of the film. The story H. Vinoth is trying to narrate needed a lot of men, women instead of just one man.(more)

Source: Umesh Punwani, Koimoi


Tests The Patience Of Audience

With nearly three-hour running time and never-ending stunts, 'Valimai' tests the patience towards the end. All in all, despite style and sass, and a couple of high-octane action scenes, 'Valimai' doesn't excite us at all, making it a boring watch.(more)

Source: Venkat Arikatla ,


Ajith's film is a crowd-pleaser

Director H Vinoth's Valimai, starring Ajith, follows the story of an intelligent cop who traces the mastermind behind a series of crimes. The action-thriller is a predictable story laced with brilliant action sequenceS.(more)

Source: Janani K, India Today


Ajith Kumar pops a wheelie. That's all

Vinoth's idea of creating an urban legend goes awry when the film fails to distinguish Ajith Kumar's offscreen persona from Ajith Kumar's character in Valimai.(more)

Source: Manoj K Kumar, Indian Express


Valimai is an engaging, intense cop film with terrific stunt sequences!

Overall, despite the 3 hour runtime, the film is highly engaging and entertaining. The film promised action, and it delivers the promise without any doubt. The last time fans had a glimpse of their favourite star was at least 900+ days back. And he's back with a bang to turn the theatres into a 'thiruvizha'.(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board,


Ajith's bike zooms while the story is stuck in a pothole

The stunts are indeed valimai (powerful/strong) but the film becomes a kodumai (atrocity) with its wonky script and poor characterisation. Unfortunately, that�s the final Valimai update we're left with.(more)

Source: Sowmya Rajendran, The News Minute