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Technically Sound And That's It!

Technicality is the biggest strength of the movie. Out and out, all departments have worked splendidly throughout. The camera work is so artistic and the visuals tell us better stories than the writing. The frame arrangements, artist placements are like a poem. The dark toned shots hinting us the gore that�s gonna follow are amazing. The break-point fight sequence and the climax shoot-out portion will stand tall and make into the list of stunningly-shot action stretches in Tamil cinema.(more)

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A violent action revenge drama

Only towards the end of the film, Arun connects the non-linear narration and all the introduction to the subplots, it's his filmmaking style! The action sequences are a feast for those who love violence but not for the weak-hearted. As they say, violence is poetic for those who have the appetite but it's not everyone's cup of tea! (more)

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Rocky is a daring film in Tamil cinema that excels brilliantly with its unique presentation! Go for it!

Rocky is a daring attempt in Tamil cinema that needs to be noted. The makers need to be credited for executing a long single-take shot featuring Vasanth Ravi and Raveena Ravi seamlessly without any hassle. The film also has solid stretches that keep you glued to the screens, especially the climax, which is a stunner. Rocky effectively showcases the plight of the female characters in the film, who get dominated and traumatized by the men in their world.(more)

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A spine-chilling thriller that entertains you in parts

After a long time, a really violent and edge of the seat kind of thriller has come from the Tamil cinema. Director Arun Matheeshwaran has done a good job. He has written a good script that definitely entertains in parts. He got the best performances out from all the artistes in the film. (more)

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Vasanth Ravi's John Wick-style film is tastefully gruesome

Rocky is not a plain revenge drama, it is layered and carefully structured. From revealing crucial plot points at frequent intervals to showcasing violence in a no-holds-barred manner, Rocky is out there. In a corridor fight scene, we see Vasanth Ravi's Rocky killing over 20 goons in a gruesome way. Music director Darbuka Siva uses mridangam and tabla to add background score. Now that's a fight scene that is done tastefully! (more)

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A stunning tapestry of anger, blood, and violence

Vasanth Ravi as the brooding, savage Rocky is terrific. The actor constructs a beautiful and controlled balance between Rocky�s gushing anger and his frail vulnerability. The restraint in his performance is commendable and also effective. On the other hand, Bharathiraja proves to be a worthy contender. As the mighty Manimaran, the veteran director emits power through this frail frame, dominating the screen in each scene he shows. (more)

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A bold, relentless depiction of senselessness of violence

None before Arun Matheswaran had dared to graphically depict violence in such a way. The film's setup innately compromises the separation between good versus evil. It is a demon versus demon and we have to root for the lesser evil.(more)

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Rocky doesn't hold back it's punches and ends up as an excellent arthouse revenge film, Try out for Bharathiraja and Vasanth Ravi's exceptional performance

The film is novel in the way it is shot and edited. Taking the sensibilities of European Cinema and fitting it into Tamil Cinema is something we've never seen before. All this reflects the confidence the filmmaker has on his script and crew. And it is presented without any double mindedness. Shreyaas Krishna's usage of lights, especially in the construction building fight sequence is commendable. Stunt Choreographer Dinesh Subburayan also needs to be appreciated for his innovation and style in the fight sequences. They look as real as possible. (more)

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Rocky is gloriously violent and deeply sentimental

Despite the violence, this is a deeply sentimental film. We see it in the watch that Rocky removes every time he goes into a fight; in his refusal to eat non-vegetarian food; in Amudha's lonely walk at night to call her brother back; in Manimaran's howl upon seeing his son's fate; and in Rocky's terrific line in the climax that is a nod to Pasa Malar. Rocky might be violent, but also has a beating heart.(more)

Source: M Suganth, Times Of India


A meditative study on violence, a terrific directorial debut

Where normal films would exploit such a scene for tragedy, director Arun Matheswaran takes us away into surreal imagery to explore Rocky�s mind, as he is forced to process trauma and guilt. It�s a refreshingly deep creative choice from a filmmaker who, with Rocky, has made one of the more memorable debuts in Tamil cinema. (more)

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