Oh My Kadavule (U/A)
14/Feb/2020 Love, Romance 2hrs 34mins

Oh My Kadavule

Critics Review


A breezy and wholesome take on romance and second chances

Ashwath's OMK isn't the boy meets girl and easily falls in love kind of film. It is about a guy and a girl who are coming to term with their actual feelings for each other, their confusions and how they seem to take it for granted just because someone is readily available. It even addresses how physical intimacy or the lack of it can be a deal breaker. Running over 150 minutes, the film never wastes screentime. Almost everything seems to be there for a purpose. (more)

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Oh My Kadavule is an engaging romance with good performances and a solid element of surprise.

The ensemble performances and the brightly lit cinematography adds to the fun vibe of the film. With OMK, Ashwath Marimuthu proves to be a filmmaker with modern sensibilities. Oh My Kadavule is an engaging and a highly inventive romance.(more)

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It is this sensitivity that makes Oh My Kadavule refreshing

Unlike films where friends turn lovers, the friendship isn't what is the source of conflict in Oh My Kadavule. There�s no dilemma over romance affecting the friendship, like in Piriyadha Varam Vendum or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.(more)

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An endearing romcom exploring a second chance at love/ life

It's the sort of scene that would milk the emotions to pulp. But Ashwath handles it with commendable resistance. It ends with Arjun apologising. That's what most people would do, if life gave them a second chance.(more)

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There's the 'com', but where is the 'rom?'

This Ashok Selvan and Ritika Singh film is interesting and it largely works because of the fantasy spin and the fun treatment to the subject matter-but the writing is problematic.(more)

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Romcom with a divine fantasy touch

Newcomer Ashwath Marimuthu has succeeded in making a youthful entertainer that will connect well with the young crowd and shows a lot of promise in handling the subject with a mix of entertainment and maturity.(more)

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Ashok Selvan and Ritika Singh shine in delightful rom-com

Oh My Kadavule is a film to be treasured for its non-judgmental characters and its feel-good story.(more)

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A Fun Rom-Com And A Fairly Inventive Tribute

The film has niggles that pop up consistently. However, Ashwath sails over these with some amount of control over the craft and with a cast that is very good. It is far from perfect, but it's a fairly good rom com. And that's just rare to come by in Tamil cinema.(more)

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Ashok Selvan And Ritika Singh Star In A Likeable, Yet Messy RomCom About Messy Relationships

Ashwath Marimuthu does with OMK is define the gap that separates friendship from love. (more)

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:A well-intended, breezy drama which loses its natural charm due to heavy fabrication!

OMK is a mixed bag! There are a few scenes that will annoy you but there are also moments that will put a smile on your face.(more)

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